Have you been "laboring" under the impression that our economy is bad right now. Not so! The WSJ points out that the super high-end real estate market, at least, is doing just fine, which is a relief. There's never been a better time to purchase a luxurious private island that could hypothetically be used as a terrifying sex dungeon!

Aren't you simply in love with the Exuma Cays? So close to Florida, so uninhabited, so available for purchase for any celebrity with a spare $50 million and a strong desire to perform unspeakable acts of sexual torture on helpless "guests" who are but accessories to your twisted Gothic fantasies!

Perhaps the best-known private-island compound is magician David Copperfield's 700-acre resort Musha Cay, which is spread across 11 islands...

Mr. Copperfield describes it as a place where he can "create magic in three dimensions" and where a stay can include an optional, interactive treasure hunt where he says guests are immersed in a "living movie." (Dozens of actors and illusionists are imported to play pirates.) Recent additions to the resort include trained macaws that pick up Musha Cay's refuse and a "secret village," opening soon, where visitors can interact with tame monkeys.

Yes, that's the very same island upon which David Copperfield did not rape someone. (Really, he didn't.) Faith Hill and Tim McGraw and Tyler Perry are right next door. Potluck!

[WSJ. Photos via mushacay.com]