Out of all the crazy shit that happens in New York's subways, this might be the most quietly disconcerting: A filthy refrigerator sat on the West 4th Street subway platform for four days.

From the New York Post:

A massive refrigerator stuffed with empty Arizona iced tea bottles somehow ended up on the West 4th Street subway platform, where it languished for days before the MTA finally removed it.

There are worse things that can be in an abandoned fridge than Arizona iced tea bottles.

Still, so many questions:

1) Why, and how, the hell did someone lug a refrigerator on the subway?
2) Why would they try to transport it full of empty Arizona iced tea bottle?
3) Or were the iced tea bottles put in there during its tenure on the platform?
4) One onlooker theorized that a homeless person was "building some kind of house" with the fridge. How would this work?
5) Is this a sign of the apocalypse?

But the fridge was removed. The mystery of the subway fridge may never be solved. [Image via Shutterstock]