Here's a trailer for Red Tails, a George Lucas-produced action drama about the famous Tuskegee Airmen, the black fighter pilots who battled not only Nazis, but racism within the American military.

So that's a good story to tell! And there are good people involved — director Anthony Hemingway has directed for some great television shows like The Wire and Treme and Terrence Howard is usually pretty good in the acting department. It's too bad then that this looks pretty cheesy. Can't you almost hear some studio exec saying "It's like Flyboys, only urban!"? (Well, no one would ever compare anything to Flyboys favorably, because Flyboys is a ridiculous nonsense movie. Maybe Top Gun?) And, oof, those distinctively ugly Lucasfilm computer effects are in abundance, casting a cold, anachronistic glow on a movie set nearly seventy years ago. But, as always, this is just a trailer, so who knows. Either way, Michael B. Jordan is in it, so that's great!