Why does Scarlett Johansson hate America's troops so much? She declined an invitation from a Marine Corps sergeant to attend the Marine Corps Ball.

In a rather elaborate YouTube video, Sgt. Scott Moore invited Johansson to the Marine Corps ball in Albany, Ga. on Nov. 10th, but she said she had a "prior commitment." (Probably going to the al Qaeda ball!)

Johansson joins an ever-expanding list of celebs who have been invited to the ball via YouTube. Including: Mila Kunis, Betty White, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus (multiple times). At this point, it seems every celebrity on earth has been asked to the Marine Corps Ball by at least two marines. So, it's time to set your sights a little lower, Marines: My offer to attend your ball still stands. Let's do this. [LAT, image via Getty]