Given what we write about police sometimes, you might conclude that all officers ever do is beat up homeless men, drive drunk, and carelessly toss internal documents into Dumpsters. But cops do more than that, sometimes!

Here we see a group of Los Angeles officers and a security guard taking that whole "to serve and protect" mantra to heart and stopping a suicidal man from succeeding in his attempt to jump off a building onto the hard, life-taking ground below. To rescue the man, cops handcuffed him to a railing and vigorously pulled on his upper body to bring him completely over to the right side of the ledge. As you can see, the man's black underpants also played a critical role in the rescue—giving police a way to grab onto his lower body.

Hopefully those cops will get raises, or some other form of recognition for their bravery. Hopefully those underpants will now receive some sort of medal of honor. And, hopefully, the chafing isn't too severe. Then again, the man allegedly bit the officer who was saving his life, which is poor form.

Reportedly the man tried to kill himself over some girl. Maybe she broke up with him because he's a biting, ungrateful asshole?

[YouTube via KTLA]