Joseph Lacher was the head of the largest unit of Allstate. Two weeks ago, he was abruptly fired, with little explanation. What happened, Joe?

He was having drinks with some of Allstate's top-selling insurance agents as part of a company event called the Leaders Forum, these people said...

Then came the two words that helped end Mr. Lacher's 20-month career at Allstate: "f-ing a-."

Some people who heard the double-barreled expletive or are familiar with an internal investigation about the incident launched by Allstate said Mr. Lacher was talking about [Thomas J.] Wilson, the chief executive at Allstate since 2007.

One day you're a top executive making $3.2 million a year; the next day you're just some dude who ran his mouth too much at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando hotel bar.

Christ, what an asshole.

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