Texas Gov. Rick Perry looks to have a fine chance of winning the Republican presidential nomination if he runs, which he probably will, no? Just look at this "teaser" SuperPAC ad that his rich Texas supporters are running for him in Iowa. It is happy happy happy. Balanced budgets! Millions of jobs! Corn, being husked! Rick Perry will do all of these things for America, when he rules it as his fiefdom.

While the true strength of Perry's "Texas Miracle" is debatable, and Texas is a very easy state to govern, what secret death weapons could Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann have in store to combat talking points like this? Not many. Rick Perry just says, "I created ten billion jobs in the last year," Romney tries to respond but is like, "I... don't care for... the health care reform law that Obama took from me... go Bruins," Bachmann starts babbling nonsense in what she claims is a backwards version of Klingon.

[via Politico]