We've poked fun in the past at former New York Times editor Bill Keller's infrequent and bizarre use of the Twitter. But aren't there more ways we can make fun of newspaper editors, related to Twitter? Yes! Yes!

Thanks to Jim Romenesko, who went and looked at the the ten editors of America's ten largest newspapers, and what they're doing on the Twitter. I mean, I don't even like Twitter, but everybody is on it these days, and you'd imagine that the editor of one America's biggest newspapers would have a fairly large following on this important new media platform, correct? Well.

  • Four of the ten appear to have no Twitter account whatsoever.
  • Three others have accounts that are secret or inactive.
  • Two others have not tweeted since June. (Except, whoops, Bill Keller just did, as I was writing this! He reads Romenesko, obv.)
  • One (NYDN editor Kevin Convey) has an active, currently updated Twitter account.

I can't believe you people are putting me in the position of defending Twitter, for fuck's sake, but you're all old white men in a dying industry and you should really go to where all the people are, you know, right now. Stop being so old and unnecessary! God, I feel dirty.

[See the full list on Romenesko]