Americans for Prosperity, the political action group funded by right-wing billionaires Charles and David Koch, is patriotically mailing out absentee ballot applications for the upcoming Wisconsin recall elections against Republican state senators. But guess what? The registration forms that AFP has been sending out have... the wrong ballot submission date! Good heavens, how could they miss such a "typo"?

The AFP mailer, according to Politico, has been blanketing the homes of "solidly Democratic voters" and telling them to return their absentee ballots "before August 11." The election, however, is scheduled for August 9! AFP's state director, Matt Seaholm, claims that it was merely a typo. He added, "I'm sure the liberals will try to make a mountain out of a molehill in an attempt to distract voters' attention from the issues," but what he should have said instead was nothing and then tendered his resignation and then shut the fuck up forever.

[Screen grab via Politico]