Today we looked at the yearly list of America's top party schools. All colleges party, but some party more. Does yours party more? It just might! As one commenter pointed out, there's a formula to discussing this type of thing.

From katekate is squared:

Let me make things easy for most of the people who will comment on this thread.

"I can't believe [school] isn't on this list! When I went there, [me and my bros/the fratty douchebags/the sorostitutes] [threw a couch out the window/burned the library down/did kegstands at graduation]. And all the sorority girls were on coke! Plus, there was this one time [story about an "awesome" drunken hookup]. But I got a really good education."

Oohh, Mad Libs! Or, as another commenter called them, "Grad Libs." Now it's your turn to fill out the form to describe your school.

[Photo via elisfanclub/Flickr]