Last November, Michigan computer teacher Paul Gust (pictured), 45, powered up his school-issued MacBook to show another staff member a presentation he was preparing for the school board. That's when "a nude female's pubic region with her legs spread apart" appeared on the monitor. Oopsies! How did that get in there?

The computer was seized, and a nervous Gust begged to purchase it back from the school district superintendent. No go. Then he asked them to wipe the hard drive clean. Not happening. Finally, he asked that it "not be turned over to law enforcement," according to an FBI search warrant affidavit obtained by The Smoking Gun. "FAT CHANCE, GUST," isn't what they said to him, but was the basic gist.

The school district instead sent the MacBook to a private company for analysis, where they found that Gust had searched "for Miley Cyrus's age and then for a picture of her braless."

The company also recovered at least seventy images—eighteen of those were identified by an expert as being of underage children.

No charges have been filed, but the FBI's warrant and plans for their own investigation "portend trouble," TSG reports. [TSG, photo of Gust via TSG]