You think the world is a boring and cruel place and then one day you wake up on an absolutely normal morning and you look on the internet and there is a story about a Gourami fish who was living on a diet of nothing but chocolate. A fish named Gary! Why isn't Gary eating his grapes at the aquarium like a normal Gourami?

Then the previous owners of the exotic Asian freshwater fish admitted feeding it only with the chocolate-covered wafers.

Experts at the Sea Life London Aquarium had to put crushed Kit Kat pieces inside grapes and banana slices to tempt the 15.7in-long fish on to a normal diet.

Garyyyyyyyyyy! What are we going to do with you??? Did you ever think maybe this is why you weighed nine pounds??? Just saying! Your struggles ennoble us all, Gary Gourami.

[The Sun. Photo of some other Gourami (not Gary): orchidgalore/ Flickr. Do you have a photo of Gary Gourami? Send it straight to my heart!]