TV's favorite sexy uncle (ew? ew) is getting back in the leading man saddle. Also today: good news for Ana Gasteyer, godly news for Miley Cyrus, and Game of Thrones news for the rest of us dorks.

  • Remember when John Stamos, America's number one demander of mercy, was supposed to be a TV star? I mean, like, after Full House? He disappeared for a little while but then there was all this Full House goodwill and nostalgia so he got Jake in Progress and a good run on ER and a few other things, and then he got cast in Glee and yet... it sorta just fizzled out. It was a hard time for all of us, I know. But despair no more! The Stamos is getting another crack at the ball, this time with a show that Sony is dusting off eight years after they originally tried the idea, with Sean Patrick Flannery. The show is called Dead Lawyers and is about doctors who are alive. No, dummy, it's about dead lawyers! Stamos will play a lawyer who dies and then has to take on important needy cases on Earth to ensure he goes to heaven. Always hoping that his next case will be the case home. Or whatever. So that's great for him! Graham Yost of Justified pedigree will be overseeing the show if it moves forward, which is great too. Meanwhile, Sean Patrick Flannery wants to know if you're going to eat the rest of that. [Deadline]
  • Milly Stinkvirus, aka Miley Cyrus, has been cast in a "god-themed" comedy with a secret plotline that most likely is about a girl breaking a promise to God. So it's based on Miley's own experiences of making Billy Ray mad that one time. Hahah, get it? :( [THR]
  • GAMEs OF THRINZZZZ. Thrawn Grims! Something! Oh god, it's all so exciting I can barely type. Sorry. Game of Thrones news, guys. HBO has found an actress to play Yara (Asha in the books, changed for TV because Asha is too similar to Osha), sister of Theon Greyjoy and mistress of the Iron Islands. I'm not going to spoil anything, I don't think, by saying: Guys, remember when you first meet her and it's so gross with that thing that happens with her? Pretty awkward! Oh, yeah, anyway, the actress's name is Gemma Whelan and she looks like this. [EW]
  • Oh thank god. I mean, Oh thank Billy Ray. The director of the new Total Recall movie says there WILL, in fact, be a three-boobed prostitute, just as there is in the Arnie Schwarzenegger version. Thank heavens. Total Recall is nothing without ol' TriBoob (RIP TriBoob: The Future - The More Future). Now if they just add this lady, we'll be good. [AV Club]
  • 30 Rock playkitten Katrina Bowden has joined the cast of Nurse 3D, a 3D horror movie starring Paz de la Huerta about nurses who kill bad men. The movie will be directed by Douglas Aarniokoski. Haha. "Douglas Aarniokoski." What, is he like the runted version of Darren Aronofsky? "No, no, not Darren Aronofsky. Douglas Aarniokoski. Yes, I get it a lot. Black Swan? No, that was him. But I am directing a film called Fart Turtle, which is sort of similar. And you may have seen my movie The Breastler? No? Yeah, actually I didn't see it either, I was too busy living in the sewers at the time." Sigh. Such a sad life for poor Douglas Aarniokoski. At least he gets to look at Katrina Bowden for awhile. Though, with that comes looking at Paz de la Huerta for awhile, so I guess the whole thing swings back around to horror-depression. [Deadline]
  • Oh yay. Yesterday we heard about SNL vet Maya Rudolph getting a bump in the TV department, and now her old colleague Ana Gasteyer is getting one two. She's just been cast as a recurring character on that miserably titled new show Suburgatory, playing a kind of nosy neighbor-type role. Kind of like Edie McClurg on Small Wonder? That could be fun! So, now that Gasteyer's taken care of, does that mean we can expect some good news for Cheri Oteri soon? I'd like that. [EW]

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