In the U.S., mayors deal with cars parked in bike lanes by saying We have bike lanes? Are you sure? In Lithuania, mayors deal with cars parked in bike lanes by running them over with a goddamn tank.

Arturas Zoukas, mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania, combined the focus on sustainability of 21st-century urban administrative practices with the focus on tanks of 20th-century Soviet-style urban administrative practices and took an armored personnel carrier to the streets for a video in which he ran over a Mercedes-Benz parked, illegally, in a bike lane. (Apparently rich dickwads parking their cars in bike lanes is such a big problem in Vilnius that it's spawned a social media campaign against the practice.) The run-over was all staged, which is disappointing, but it doesn't make the sight of that car being crushed any less sweet. Mayors: This is how you may.