What happens if you take a gang of juiced-up, Chihuahua-loving mixed martial arts enthusiasts and start driving them around LA in a stretch Hummer? That's the premise of The Collective, the greatest reality show ever filmed.

It's hard to know where to begin with The Collective because there's so much there and it's all so good. The show's official Facebook page describes it as "ENTOURAGE MEETS THE EXPENDABLES," which is surprisingly accurate. The Collective is stuffed with so much testosterone that watching it could be approved by the FDA as an alternative treatment for male menopause.

Here are a few things that happen in the pilot:

  • The guys ride around in a stretch hummer limo, arriving at a generic "red carpet event."
  • Shirtless beach football devolves into impromptu wrestling match
  • One dude is very artificially "held back" from a fight while wearing a sleeveless tuxedo t-shirt.
  • The gang gets manicures and pedicures together to show their sensitive side.
  • A lot of mixed martial arts fighting.
  • One guy's official nickname is "The Bedroom Gangster."

My favorite character is Mavrick "The Soul Collector" Von Haug. He claims that "we are what every woman fantasizes about but wouldn't dare open her mouth to admit." This may cause some to raise their eyebrows, provided those eyebrows aren't tattooed on, as Mavrick's are.

The pilot for The Collective was uploaded this February to YouTube and has somehow managed to garner just 454 views since then. I stumbled upon it today because it was made by the same film production studio responsible for Rebecca Black's "Friday." Which is appropriate, because with its oddly off-tune charm, The Collective is the "Friday" of reality television.