British police seized some 1.3 tons of cocaine from a yacht named "Louise"—the largest coke haul in the country's history, and enough to last Prince Harry through at least 2017.

The path to the seizure is a little bit convoluted, but it started in Venezuela and ended in the Netherlands:

Authorities were alerted to suspicions over the yacht, named Louise, while it was in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean in May.

The boat was then intercepted in Southampton in June on its way to the Netherlands.

Dutch police arrested the yacht's owner, 60, after raiding his home in the town of Meppel, about 140 kilometres northeast of Amsterdam, and raided a yachting business premises in the southern Dutch town of Waalwijk.

Also arrested: His three sons and "two other associates." The stash was hidden "neatly under the diving platform aft... It required some really good blanking panels to hide them and it was ingenious." So if you ever need to smuggle coke on your pleasure yacht: The diving platform aft is the spot to do it.