The New York Times knows god damn well that nothing so effectively enrages its less-affluent readers and engages its more affluent readers in a single stroke than a story about some stupid summer camp for rich kids. Because the regular middle class people are like "That is so stupid and gauche and decadent and outrageous, my Aiden doesn't need any 'camp' except a fire hydrant. I am fwding this article to EVERYONE, for anger's sake," and the rich parents are like "Hmm, is my Ayden losing the Niche-est Camp Competition this year?" Hey, fashion camp!

I mean, you get the picture, right? Rich kids. Fashion. Camp. Doug Quenqua reports:

"I want to be the next Coco Chanel," said Arizona Semones, a 12-year-old from Sun Valley, Idaho, taking a break from clipping magazines, "because she's at the top of a fashion empire." (Arizona's sophistication extends beyond fashion. Asked where she had dinner the night before, she chirped, "We have a favorite restaurant called Nobu." Indeed, she ate there four times that week, according to her mother, Susan Desko.)


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