"In a startling new development," the National Enquirer writes, "[we have] learned that Chris Hansen had a SECOND mistress—a sexy Hollywood stripper." Low threshold for startle, I see.

Apparently Chris Hansen's love life is like a set of Russian nesting dolls, but instead of each successive doll being tinier than the last, they get younger and blonder. Two months ago, the Enquirer used hidden cameras to catch Hansen appearing to cheat on his wife with a Florida news reporter. Now, they have tracked down Vegas stripper and "aspiring country singer" Kathleen Collins, who was "floored" to find out her adulterous lover had other lovers. "I know this sounds crazy, but Kathleen really thought she was the only one."

No clue why they identify Kathleen as a "Hollywood" stripper, even though they found her working the pole in Vegas. Hollywood in spirit? In willful delusions? [Enquirer, Daily Mail, Hansen and wife via Getty, mistresses via Facebook and MySpace]