Facebook has gotten pretty good at filtering garbage out of people's "News Feeds." Too good, as far as advertisers are concerned: They want the garbage put back, so they can spam people, and logically Facebook is complying.

Facebook is going to "open the floodgates" on your News Feed, according to the Wall Street Journal, putting a torrent of crap back on your home page. The News Feed has thus far been curated by software algorithms that divine what you are interested in and what you consider crap. Not any more; now you'll be seeing more ads, more notices about stupid games your friends have won, and more marketing messages disguised as "likes." All because advertisers feel Facebook is really underperforming — at serving them:

Facebook's algorithms don't display every piece of content that is shared, limiting the impact of the campaigns, said Ian Schafer, chief executive of New York-based digital marketing firm Deep Focus. "It's wasted potential," he said.

Of course, there's all kinds of other "wasted potential" on Facebook. Think of the all the time you spend writing heartfelt non-commercial messages to loved ones or admiring pictures with zero product placement in them. Get on that, Facebook.

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