Ladies! Are you a bank teller? Are you looking for love? Meet Richard "Geovanni Kasanova" Dames, a 33-year-old Bronx resident who's looking for love. Also, he might use you to steal bank customers' identities.

Dames was arrested on Thursday and charged with stealing the identities of 80 people since 2009, and using those identities to steal some $1 million in cash. Charged alongside him are two bank tellers who aided the identity theft—both of whom, The New York Daily News claims, "are in love with him." (One had a love letter to him in her desk; the other, according to her lawyer, is an "overweight, shy girl who doesn't date a lot" and who was "set up" by Dames.)

Dames also worked with two male bank employees, who were not, based on the information we have, in love with him. His BlackPlanet account is here, in case you want to make some plans with him after he gets out of prison.