Every day brings new, difficult choices to make. Should we go to Andover and learn how to rap, or enroll at Ohio University and major in fun? Should we switch to a cheaper beer? And should we trade our parrot for a computer and some cash, or keep the parrot and buy a computer instead?

DeLeon Springs, Florida resident Mark Bausch recently answered that last question by giving up his parrot for cheap electronic thrills, only to regret it. After giving his pet sun conure to a 64-year-old blind woman and her mother in exchange for $50 and a computer, Bausch got to thinking about his forsaken feathered friend. He missed that little critter—missed it a lot. And the new computer was too slow, it was crap. Bausch wanted his old buddy back.

On Thursday afternoon, Bausch went over to the women's house to undo the unsatisfying trade. Alas, the women said no. So Bausch allegedly "forced his way into the home, shoved the blind woman to the ground and went into her bedroom, where he shoved her again, took the bird and fled in his truck." Deputies eventually found him sitting in the truck along with the bird, who was "sitting on the seat next to him." The parrot was also holding a cigarette in one claw and two tickets to the Bahamas in the other, for no reason in particular.

Bausch now faces charges of home invasion robbery, grand theft and abuse of a disabled adult, and is spending time in Volusia County Branch Jail. The parrot's back with its lawful owners.

[Daytona Beach News-Journal, Image via News-Journal]