For pocketbook reasons, we didn't get to travel to Houston this weekend for Rick Perry's The Response: A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis, starring JobJesus and other celebrities of American evangelicopolitics. Luckily some photographers were on the scene to show us what we missed.

Judging from pictures, it looks like Perry really knows how to organize a successful, totally apolitical prayer event (not to discount the involvement of the American Family Association, of course!). Many people were so moved that they cried. Getting people to cry is a very useful skill for an American president to have.


If Perry can fill up a stadium named after a power company with fellowship and spirituality and tears, just think of what he can do for the whole country. Like, if he could get the whole country together to cry for a few days, then maybe there would be enough water to help mitigate Texas' awful drought. Because all those prayers to God for rain don't seem to be doing jack shit about that problem.

[Image via Getty]


What a sweet picture. We wish Rick Perry weren't involved. [Image via Getty]

Just needs a Texas national flag to complete the trifecta. [Image via Getty]

You can always count on the Westboro Baptist Church to show up to a party. None of those signs seem very relevant. [Image via Getty]

Wow, progressive! [Image via Getty]

We feel this way about atheism. [Image via Getty]

A woman looks in her purse for some jobs. Her friend reads an event program. A man tries to visualize what Rick Perry's America might be like. All very apolitical activities. [Image via Getty]