Here's a New York Post EXCLUSIVE that will shock you: An Upper East Side mom named Elissa Drassinower was banned from Fairway Market for accidentally walking out of the store without paying for a half-gallon of milk and some beer. It appears that she put the items underneath her baby carriage because the "handbasket was getting so heavy." She forgot to pay for the beverages and walked out of the store, leading a guard to accuse her of shoplifting. Drassinower was then slapped with a lifetime ban from the store. And that's not all! A security guard even took her picture.

A Fairway spokesman told the paper that Drassinower is a thief and that the store will uphold the lifetime ban: "The woman in question was caught both on camera and by security trying to conceal and pilfer a number of items including milk, Red Bull and beer. We exercised our right to not serve her again." As horrifying as this story is, it's nothing compared to the tofu Pad Thai hissy fit.

[Image via Flickr/santanuvasant]