This down-and-out actor was thrown out of a sex shop for throwing the toys around. This rapper's teeth smell disgusting. This actor tried to pray the gay away. And this Glee-full actress has a big coke problem. As long as she doesn't touch the dildos, she's in good shape.

1. "Which C-list actor—who insists he's sober—was recently tossed out of a Hollywood sex shop for throwing latex sex toys at customers and harassing female employees? The boutique booted the once-promising star, but that didn't faze him. He was furious because he left the story empty handed." [Blind Gossip]

2. "Which hip-hop star's gold teeth are emitting a foul stench? Music industry noses are turning away in disgust because of his vile breath—but it doesn't seem to put off the ladies." [P6]

3. "This conservative and religious actor from a 90′s family sitcom is gay. He's not out, but there have been rumors and he has dated several high profile women. He tried recently (like in the last 5 years) to enter a conversion program that would make him ‘not gay.' He dropped thousands of dollars on the program and believed it was successful for a year or two. However, our source said that the actor now realizes the program didn't work and is now seeing a therapist that is helping him to accept and embrace his homosexuality. Good for him!" [BuzzFoto]

4. "Which Glee actress who does not think she has a coke problem is out of control with her coke problem. It will be interesting to see if she can make it through the season without rehab." [CDaN]

5. "This B- list television actress has traveled between scripted and reality television. She actually has both on the air right now. Anyway, she has been seeing this singer who is way younger than her. Not a problem because age is not the thing. The thing is he is Asian and her people want her to hide it because they feel her main African American fan base will not like it." [CDaN]

6. "Which famous game-show host's wife believes he's cheating because he takes Viagra religiously, but is rarely intimate with her? He denies that he strays and says he pops the pills to curb his mood swings." [Blind Gossip]

7. "Which A-list actress can't nail down a man because she's too stiff in the bedroom?" [P6]

8. "This Academy Award winning actor. See, I actually said they won. No guessing if they won. Anyway, this Academy award winning actor who is not exactly a big pile of fun got punched in the face recently. Yep. See, it turns out that this actor made a movie with this foreign born B list actress and because our Academy actor is an a-hole, he hit on her even though she is in a serious relationship. Well, she never told her B+/A- list actor significant other about the incident until recently. What used to be a friendship between the two actors is no more, and our Academy Award actor took a beating. Glad someone did." [CDaN]

9. "Which tech billionaire who rolls up to parties with a slew of leggy models always turns down their advances because he only has eyes for Asian women?" [P6]