How would Mike Huckabee, who not long ago was considered a likely frontrunner candidate for president, respond to the S&P credit downgrade? He would hire Donald Trump as Treasury secretary. No but really, this is his actual idea. Even Donald Trump thinks it's dumb.

We're all for a good Timmy Geithner firing at some point, but what deep, secluded brain chamber leads a person such as Mike Huckabee to suggest making Donald Trump the Treasury secretary in an attempt to calm financial markets? "Have Donald Trump take the job for 90 days," Huckabee pressed, before adding, hilariously, "It's a game changer." And it sure would be! Sparking a 300-million-person exodus from the United States overnight would change the game, in fundamental ways.

Fortunately, Donald Trump isn't interested. He suggested on this morning's edition of Fox & Friends that Obama should fire Geithner and look for someone who's "my type," in the rich and perfect sense. Trump says he'd never get the job after being such an asshole to the president at all times. So, there's that. Got any other brilliant game-changers for restoring confidence to the international financial system, Huckles? Maybe Bieber as SEC chair, Nugent for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and Barba as Comptroller of the Currency? At least one of those would face resistance in the Senate confirmation process.