Bravo honcho Andy Cohen programmed himself onto the network to host the Real Housewives reunions and gave himself his own show. But that wasn't enough. Now he's writing a book about growing up loving pop culture and suppressing his homosexuality as a child. It's called Obviously Andy: The Dandy Andy Story of Growing up Andy Cohen by Andy Cohen by Andrew Cohen. OK, not really, but it does come out next summer.

Apparently the book will be about how much he loved movies and TV as a child (I mean, who didn't?) and how he's gotten to meet all of the celebs he loved. Basically it's going to be like sitting with Andy while he scrolls through his iPhone and gushes over all the pictures of him with famous people in the Hamptons. Squeal! Guess this means the movie deal, videogame contract, and his own badly AutoTuned dance single can't be far behind. Where does this man find the time?

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