Here's a big of news to get the cranks all hot and bothered: The atheists are taking over America's military! Specifically for one day on one base, Fort Bragg, next spring, for an "atheism concert." Take that, God.

The "Rock Beyond Belief" concert is a response to a Christian-themed "Rock the Fort" concert at Fort Bragg last fall. It will be held on the Fort's main parade ground! Who will be there? Atheist Muslims, probably. Also, famous atheist Richard Dawkins, who is expected to crowdsurf in his underpants.

The group behind the concert is American Atheists, the same group that's suing to block the display of a metal cross at the 9/11 memorial. Is American Atheists being "too aggressive" in its attempts to destroy religion forever? This is something you can discuss, in the comments!

[Image via AP]