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Here's an unsettling trailer for the Disney drama The Odd Life of Timothy Green, which stars Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton (doing a Gerard Butler-esque growly American accent) as an infertile couple that gets drunk one night and wills a son into existence.

Yeah. They're drinking wine and talking weirdly about what their kid would be like if they had him and they're writing all of these factoids on pieces of paper and then they put the paper in a box and then they bury the box in the garden, because, I guess, they are absolutely bonkers shitfaced at this point, that is the only possible explanation, and then later on that night there's a storm only the rain goes up instead of down and then they have a dirt baby in their spare bedroom. Only he's like nine years old instead of a baby and he talks and calls them mom and dad and stuff. So they grew a son in a box in the yard and now he's on the soccer team. I don't know. That is weird. Kind of too weird.

Plus this movie is all about a magical child and magical child movies are the worst, because they require that child actors, also the worst, act all wise and knowing and smarter than grownups and they stand in fields with their eyes closed and arms outstretched and everyone whispers about how amazing they are. This movie is basically August Rush but with a dirt baby instead of an orchestra-conducting orphan. Not good, everyone. Not good at all.