Hackers are not particularly well-known for having coherent, well thought-out plans, but, man, this one might really take the cake: John Joaquim III has been arrested and accused to taking control of a friend's Facebook and Gmail accounts and demanding that she send him nude photos as ransom.

Joaquim allegedly seized the woman's accounts and then began anonymously emailing her "demanding nude pictures of herself to get back control of her accounts." He was tracked down (apparently pretty easily) by the police and charged with extortion and computer crime.

This WTNH piece warns of the "dangerous" things that can happen when you talk to people on Facebook. We tend to think along the lines of Katii Durrell, a friend of the victim:

Durrell said, "I mean, I just think that like if someone was asking me to do that like I would just not do it and make a new account."

Yes. [WTNH]