Both these TV stars are closeted, but they're thinking of taking their love public. This reality star won't fly coach. And this on-screen couple is finally having sex in real life. But when are they going to take that public?

1. "These two young gay actors have been boyfriend and boyfriend for a several years now. One is on a young adult drama, the other on an older housewifey series. For now, the two just pretend to be best friends, with no public PDA. While Drama Guy is still closeted, Housewifey Guy is all but out. Ever since Drama Guy and his blonde beard 'broke up,' Housewifey Guy has been putting the pressure on to come out publicly. He doesn't even bother with beards, and wants Drama Guy to quit pretending he's straight, too. Drama Guy is toying with the idea and has been polling his friends and a few select colleagues to see if they think that now is a good time to come out. His biggest opponent so far? His blonde ex, who worries that her popularity may suffer if she is exposed as a beard." [Blind Gossip]

2. "So, this reality star from one of my favorite reality shows. Not hard to guess which one if you read the site regularly. Anyway, she was at the airport the other day and checking in for her flight. Apparently there was an error so they had her in economy rather than first class. She did a 'don't you know who I am' thing and the person said no, they didn't. 'But, I am on a reality show.' Still didn't work. Then she dropped the 'I used to be married to so and so.' The clerk said, 'Oh I loved him. Whatever happened to him.' Still did not get our reality star in first class. They offered her business class, but she waited at the airport two hours for the next flight because she could not be seen in business class." [CDaN]

3. "This young, hot celebrity couple who met on the set of their film have been dating since their film came out, but a source tells us that they finally slept together for the first time, only last month. Their relationship started out as a genuine friendship and they decided to take things slow in part, because they thought it would help their onscreen chemistry." [BuzzFoto]