True to sensationalist form, provocateur documentarian Michael Moore has made a public declaration that Matt Damon should run for president, because popular people win elections and Matt Damon is popular. He's not wrong! But let's not stop there. Plenty of celebrities should be commander in chief.

Matt Damon is the Cambridge liberal we all love, ALL OF US, even you, Michelle Fields. So of course he should be president. But here are some other celebrities who also deserve to hold office:

  • Angie Harmon — A commonsense conservative with the voice of a teenage boy
  • Danica McKellar — She went to college and stuff!
  • Dean Cain — He just looks presidential
  • Jenna Elfman — First Scientologist president!
  • Craig T. Nelson — "America needs a new coach."
  • Ashton Kutcher — Guaranteed 7,381,204 votes.
  • Stephen Colbert — Because coastal twentysomethings haven't been annoying enough yet!
  • Janine Turner — Clearly a sane and rational candidate.
  • Michael Moore — Bowling for Columbine really was pretty good.

What celebrities do you think should be president?

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