The brief, delightful August reign of the Doughtery gang has finally come to an end, in exactly the way you'd expect a nationwide manhunt for a bank-robbing stripper and her two brothers to end: A high-speed car chase and a gun battle.

The Dougherty siblings—Lee Grace, 29, the aforementioned stripper; Dylan, 26; and Ryan, 21, "set to register as a sex offender and serve 12 years probation for sending nearly 400 sexually explicit text messages to an 11-year-old girl he met online"—allegedly robbed a bank in Georgia and tried to kill a police officer in Florida last week, following which they disappeared for a week, either on the road or perhaps into the "sophisticated underground bunker system" that was built in the home where they lived. It's been a while since we've had a family gang here in America, and since none of our family gangs, to my knowledge, have had strippers in them—especially not strippers with Flickr accounts—the fugitives got a lot of attention.

But their flight couldn't last forever, and today all three were apprehended in Colorado by state troopers today, after leading the cops on a 20-mile chase down the interstate. When their car crashed, Lee Grace emerged with her gun (presumably the same AK-47 she used to rob a bank in Florida) and exchanged fire with authorities before taking a shot to the arm or the leg, depending on which story you hear. One of the brothers escaped on foot but was quickly caught and arrested; all three are likely to be extradited.

(As for Lee Grace's philosophical fiancé Brendon Bookman:

"Thank God it is over," Bookman said. "I am pleasantly surprised they are alive. I always wanted to see it happen this way as opposed to a Randy Weaver-type situation where someone got killed. I am glad they are alive."


Bookman said plans for marrying Lee Grace Dougherty "are probably over."

"By the time she is out of jail, I will be in a diaper," he said.

Brendon! We keep telling you: Don't be so negative.)