Tired of clicking endlessly on Twitter to find out who is loving you, who is quoting you, who is stalking you and who is talking about you? Good news: The microblogging service just made narcissism way less time consuming.

Twitter is rolling out a redesign that consolidates notifications of mentions, favorites, retweets and new followers into a single pane. Previously, you had to monitor two different tabs and two additional types of alerts to gather all that ego-stroking data. There's another tab that will show your friends puffing one another up via retweets, favorites, yadda yadda snooze who cares about them whatever. To return to you and your life and needs already: Technology is making it so much easier for you to have delivered to you all the awesome things about you, you see. And not just at Twitter; there are any number of other ego stroking technologies in which to invest your time, so don't go squandering your newfound Twitter efficiencies on something as mundane as actual work.

[Image via Shutterstock]