Remember the obnoxiously awful subway party train video we shared with you yesterday? We finally have a first person account of just how horrible they really were to the people on the train. But guess what? The guy on the train is kind of a jerk too!

Here is what a tipster emailed us:

I was coming back from the Mets game with a friend from out of town around 11:45-midnight Saturday night. We took the 7 train to Bryant Park and switched to the F (I live in Dumbo and the A and C were running on the F line in Brooklyn). At West 4th our train announced it was going express and skipping York St so we got off and waited on the platform for the next train. We noticed six flamboyant kids, three guys (based on stereotypes and their rainbow bead necklaces alone, probably gay) and three girls (their ugliness confirmed our suspicion that the boys were indeed gaylords)—one had paint on his cheeks. Based on their boarding at West 4th and age (looked like they were 18-20 years old), I naturally assumed they were NYU students, but it is summertime, and who knows. An F train pulled up, we boarded unbeknownst of their plans. After sitting down, one of the boys (definitely gay now that we heard his voice) announces (and I'm paraphrasing here), "Attention ladies and gentlemen, this subway car is about to be transformed into a subway party. If you want to stay, you are welcome to, but if not please move to the other car now."

[There was a video here]

I groan. Everybody (there were probably 10 people on the train total) gets up and moves to the next car. I had a long umbrella and thought about telling them to go fuck themselves, but at 12:00a and being groggy after a 4-hour Mets game, I just muttered something nasty and went to the next car. Between 4th and Broadway-Lafayette, the kids proceed to tie streamers around the polls[sic], by the time the train pulls up to Broadway-Lafayette they have covered the whole car. On the Broadway-Lafayette platform, there are 50-60 kids screaming and cheering as the train arrives. They get on, they have boom boxes and I just shake my head and start cracking jokes about them—loudly—with my friend in the next car. My thoughts, by and large, were that these kids were self-obsessed pricks who just wanted to create a viral sensation on YouTube. When we got off at York, a kid had thrown an empty plastic cylinder of bead necklaces on the platform. My friend kicks it back through the door and it hits one of them in the head. Victory!

While this guy and his friend are true heroes for making fun of these kids to their faces, did he really have to inject the homophobic jabs when retelling the story to us? Ugh, Mets fans. So this just proves that everyone is a little bit of an asshole. I'm moving upstate somewhere and getting a dog. The rest of you can have the stupid subway.