It's time for another one of our Project Runway commenter live blogs, and you're invited! Remember, the episodes are 90 minutes long these days, so you may want to run put on your best wee-wee-pad skirt, just to be sure you won't miss anything.

If this is your first time joining us, here's how it works: You just turn on your TV, watch the show (which airs on Lifetime at 9 pm Eastern) and post a running commentary on the episode in the comments section below this post. The rest of us will be doing the same. To get an idea of how it works, check out this selection of a few of my favorite comments from our last live blog. Other highlights from last week included these:

  • We came up with several new nicknames for designers, the best of which seemed to be the ones we gave the eventual winner, Olivier—including "Sprockets" (thanks to commenter jelodi), "Asian Warhol" (per commenter tastylikes) and—my personal favorite—"Ambiguously Ethnic Mister Rogers" (per jddowney).
  • Commenter Fry_Bread_Power thought guest judge Stacy Bendet looked like stand-up comic Judy Tenuta, and remarked: "I keep waiting for her to bring out an accordion."
  • We drank every time somebody said "wee-wee pads"—which means we drank a lot.

Speaking of that last point, I propose we hold a little contest tonight: Guess how many times the phrase "wee-wee pads" was uttered during last week's episode, and post that number in a comment. I know the correct answer, since I re-watched the episode and counted them all (because I probably need professional help). So I'll tally the results, and whoever posted the closest answer will win the prestigious honor of being named "Best Estimator of Wee-Wee Pad Utterances" in next week's post—and who wouldn't want that?

OK, on to tonight's episode! The nice folks at Lifetime sent me a DVD full of preview clips, and it actually looks like a really good one. Here are few highlights:

  • The designers will have to work in teams of two and create couture outfits for women wearing stilts—because as everyone knows, "couture" and "stilts" just naturally go together.
  • I've already come up with a nickname for one of the pairings: "Team Accent." Guess which two designers are on that one?
  • Tim Gunn will say, "Paris Couture Week causes you to question what's real and what isn't." So I guess Paris Couture Week is kind of like the movie Inception?
  • The guest judge will be Kim Kardashian. She and Anya can exchange sex-tape reminiscences!
  • At one point, Ms. Kardashian will say: "It's almost like in the movie the Sound of Music, when they used drapes to make clothes." I was about to make a snarky comment here about how she must be confused with Gone With the Wind, but then I double-checked my facts and discovered that this actually happened in The Sound of Music too. So score one for Kim Kardashian, I guess.

In general, we've got a lot to look forward to tonight—loads of wee-wee-inducing excitement! It makes me want to micturate just thinking about it. So let's get to it, peeps—I'll see you down in the comments!