Your favorite blood bath will continue on into the new year. Also today: Bobby Cannavale goes to the hospital, Jane Kaczmarek gets a gig, and Roseanne Barr might be coming back.

  • Well, good news all you Andy Bellefleur fans out there. HBO has officially renewed its crypto-queer goo series True Blood for another season. Yessssss. That means another glorious year of watching Andy make smoldering eyes at various perky womenfolk of Bon Temps. So many ladies, and gents!, just can't get enough of this show and its sexy male star, Andy Bellefleur. Sure there's that Eric the vampire and Jansen Stackhouse or whoever, but they're just filler. Most people are tuning in week after week with the lurid hope of seeing another Southern-fried steamy Bellefleur sex scene. And now we get a whole 'nother season of it. Pretty hot. [EW]
  • Remember Jane Kaczmarek? She was on Malcolm in the Middle and got all the Emmy nominations and all the attention and stuff. And meanwhile her adult costar, Bryan Cranston, was just sorta there in the background, biding his time? Well now the tables have turned and of course Cranston is heavily awards-bedecked and Jane Kaczmarek was... on that show Above the Bar or whatnot with Franklin & Bash star Mark-Paul Gosslear before it got canceled. And now she's gotten a role as Whitney Cummings' mother on the new sitcom Whitney, replacing Beverly D'Angelo. So... it's a living! [Deadline]
  • Attractive comedian (once in a while the gods let one of those bastards — the funny and attractive kind — slip through) Anthony Jeselnik has just signed a deal with Comedy Central which will result in some sort television program. So, great. Funny attractive person has a TV show now too. Would he like some rubies and other precious gems? Here are some of those. What's that? He's great at basketball and can sing opera? Terrific, perfect. Have some pancakes that I made, you greedy unicorn. [THR]
  • Despite the fact that she now lives contentedly on her nut plantation out on Kikaree Island or wherever, 20th Century Fox is developing a new sitcom for Roseanne Barr. Yup! It's going to be another working class family setup, same as Roseanne. Except of course the "working" will be chewy chewy betelnut farming on Pinki-Pinki Island. But other than that, it'll be just like Roseanne. Just like it. Aloha! [Deadline]
  • Ooohhh. Theater dynamo and television so-so Bobby Cannavale will appear in all ten episodes of the next season of Nurse Crankypants Jackie. That's exciting! I mean, I haven't watched that show in two seasons, but that's exciting! Tell me, those who stuck with the show, did Jackie ever stop being mad at people? My guess is that she probably didn't, as that's the whole thing of the show. I mean, I think it was originally titled Madnurse: The Adventures of Mad Nurse. Anyway, Cannavale will be playing a hospital administrator who cracks down on the staff, much to Mad Nurse's displeasure, I'll bet. [THR]
  • Ha. So George R. R. Martin, the wonderful weirdo who writes the Game of Thrones books, did an interview and was talking about various things and then he said this, of the television show: "I've got a few letters from gay fans who, while they were pleased by the naked male sexuality, were upset that the penises were not actually erect." Ha. Brian Moylan is always sending letters to people! Stop sending letters, Brian. I, however, will continue to send letters. I WILL BE SATISFIED, MARTIN. [Vulture]