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Marvin Lane Ussery, a 48-year-old parolee and former inmate at New Folsom in Sacramento, was caught by thermal imaging cameras late Wednesday night sneaking around prison grounds. Asked what he was doing there, Ussery said, kind of touchingly, "reminiscing."

Prison officials aren't buying it, however, claiming Ussery was trying to smuggle in contraband merchandise like cheap cellphones, which could earn thousands of dollars behind bars. But after an exhaustive search of the area, no contraband was found.

So maybe he was just reminiscing. Sometimes you just get attached to a routine, you know? And it's not like things are exactly all rainbows and unicorns on the outside. Times are tough! Hell, average, law-abiding civilians are holding up banks just to get in on some of that sweet, correctional-system health care. Is it that big a leap to think Ussery was getting a bit lonesome for his homies, and thought he'd tunnel his way back to them with tools fashioned out of tin cans, carrying dirt in his pants and scattering it as inconspicuously as possible? (Some habits are hard to break.) [Fox 40]