Ah, the amazing Dougherty Gang — born about 80 years too late, with another 80 long ones ahead of them to ponder that fact. The trio of bank-robbing, bunker-living, machine-gunning siblings made their first court appearance on Thursday in Pueblo County, Colo., where they are being held on bonds of $1.25 million each.

More details have emerged of their fateful showdown with four patrol cars on Colorado's Interstate 25 on Wednesday. According to an affidavit, gang-leader/pole-dancer Lee Grace said she was under the impression the police were shooting at her, and just "wanted them to get back," which is why she fired several rounds from her trusty AK-47 directly at them.

The police say they never actually fired at their Subaru, and that what she had heard were the spiked stop-sticks they'd deployed along the highway. After the car, driven by baby Ryan Dougherty, ran over the spikes, the vehicle rolled and crashed into a guardrail. Lee Grace took off on foot, and was shot in the leg by Walsenburg Police Chief James Chamblerlain, after she pointed the "machine pistol" at him. The affidavit later quotes her as telling Chamberlain, "I deserved to get shot."

At around midnight on Thursday, math teacher Brendon Bookman received a phone call from his fiancee: "She just said, 'Brendon, your girlfriend really messed up. Why did you let me do this?'" I mean, come on. Really? I seriously hope someone is writing a ballad about these guys. Jack White? Anybody? I'd ask Serge Gainsbourg but he's already dead. [ABC News]