Lucky editor and accused Twitter parody mastermind John Jannuzzi has issued an official statement on the matter of an anonymous Twitter account dedicated to eavesdropping on people at Condé Nast: "I am not @CondeElevator." Then why did you accompany your statement with a picture of Richard Nixon, a known liar who once had a fake Twitter called @MarkFeltIsAShitNozzle, hmmm? [Lucky, Images via @JohnJannuzzi and Lucky]

Update: The Daily Beast says it "regrets" reporting Jannuzzi as a likely @CondeElevator suspect:

Editor's Note: Today, John Jannuzzi posted on a Lucky Magazine blog saying that he is not the person behind the Twitter account @condeelevator. Upon review of the sources behind the update below, by Isabel Wilkinson, The Daily Beast overstated the likelihood that Jannuzzi was behind the feed. We regret publishing the update.

And then John Jannuzzi rips off a mask and reveals himself to be Tina Brown! And then Tina rips off a mask, and reveals herself to be a shiny chrome elevator. And then the elevator's doors open, and it's Si Newhouse, lighting a cigar with a flaming page ripped out of a Hearst magazines (maybe Marie Claire?) and then he drops the fire down the elevator shaft, and everything explodes, and Michael Bay laughs and laughs.