An aspiring screenwriter put his script and laptop in a briefcase and dropped it off at an agent's office in Los Angeles. But the police thought it was a bomb and blew it up. If his script were half as good as this news story, he might have had a chance.

From the New York Times:

The writer, who was not identified by the police, left the briefcase at the Above the Line Agency in Beverly Hills on Thursday morning, with instructions to deliver it to one of the agents.
But the staff at the agency became suspicious, the police said. The man had been pestering an agent in the office to read his work. No one had asked him to leave the script, much less a briefcase. Besides, the case was locked. A security guard took the case to a nearby alley. The police were called.

Then, Ka-BOOM. Could you imagine the tagline for the movie, though, if it were ever made? "The script that's literally causing a firestorm in Hollywood!" Ugh, sorry. Gonna put that joke in a briefcase and leave it at an agent's office.