A city watched transfixed on Wednesday as a suicidal man dangled from the ledge of the 70th floor observation deck of Rockefeller Center. Thankfully, emergency workers got to him before he could jump. On Sunday, another despondent New Yorker tried to jump from a tourist destination — and this time, they succeeded.

The woman, a French-speaking, 57-year-old Bronx resident, boarded the Statue Cruises ferry to the Statue of Liberty, made her way to the rear upper deck, then threw herself overboard at 2:43 p.m., the Post reports. The crew quickly launched a lifeboat and threw a life preserver to the woman, who grabbed it, and they pulled her back to safety.

Marco Bedoya, a French-speaking bystander, acted as translator for the first responders:

"She looked so depressed," Bedoya said. "She was very confused. She told me in French that she was Haitian. She told me she didn't want to live anymore ... [that] she threw her documents away outside before she got on the boat."

Let's hope the jumping stops here, and that these two isolated instances aren't a dark forecasting of stormier financial weather to come, with an 80 percent chance of plunging CEOs. [Post, photo via missydi2007's Flickr]