Someone from MTV's murderfest isn't exactly on the up and up. Also today: Everyone hates each other and is miserable or is having sex or something. Lots of scandal.

1. "What former Jersey Shore star offers private one on one parties for $5000 a night?" [CDaN]

2. "This foreign born multi-platinum selling R&B singer who is barely out of his teens was getting mobbed the other night by adoring female fans. What they did not realize is that he has been having an affair with a much older man for the past three years." [CDaN]

3. "This A list movie actor who has always been close to his mother snapped on her last week. They were at a restaurant and started arguing over his latest romance and he got up and said, 'What? Are you jealous? I'm not supporting you anymore and that starts with you finding your own way home. B**ch.'" [CDaN]

4. "Which A list celebrity couple are having a "trial separation" while he is on tour?" [CDaN]

5. "With so many mixed marriages in Hollywood, you might think that people of different religions marrying would not be such a big deal. Well, it is to this future bride. Her faith is so important to her that her fiancé is secretly converting to her religion. The demands of the conversion are quite rigorous. In addition to disciplined studies and participation in various ceremonies, he has also scheduled a very specific physical transformation to comply with the traditions of his new religion. While his training has certainly conditioned his body to handle any physical challenge, this is one procedure for which he can't train. The two will be married after his conversion is complete, which should be before the end of the year." [Blind Gossip]

6. "This celebrity couple who have sort of slid off the radar, although they were both pretty big in the late 90′s, have recently decided to have an open marriage. Well, at least one of them has. She had to convince him to allow others into their marriage. He was reluctant and didn't like the idea, but since she was already cheating with this B list actor from a hit film series he decided he would give open marriage a try if it means salvaging their relationship." [Buzz Foto]