For the past 25 years, John Schneider has been a tenured religion professor at Calvin College, a Christian school in Michigan. Not any more! Schneider has left his job because he didn't want to cause "harm and distraction" by pointing out the existence of science.

Science: it exists! Shhhh! Don't let the constituents of Calvin College hear you! The trouble, according to Inside Higher Ed, started in January, when Schneider and another Calvin professor wrote papers "suggesting that evidence of genetics and evolution raised questions about the traditional, literal reading of Genesis about creation, the story of Adam and Eve, and the fall of humanity out of an initial idyllic state." Bah! Fah! How dare he? Schneider has very humbly agreed to step down, saying he doesn't want to cause distraction at the school with his radical ideas that "evolution" may have some implications for the veracity of the preposterous Christian creation myth. Here is a sample of his sacrilege:

Evolutionary theory is hardly new, but Schneider said that the scientific developments that raised the greatest questions for him have come out of the recent breakthroughs in genetics research, which he said strengthened the evidence for evolution and specific questions about Genesis. Much of the discussion about his views has focused on his doubting that there were but two original humans, Adam and Eve. He said that he believes in fact that there was an original, much larger group of humans, not just two.

Do not allow that man in our schools! Gross and obscene. BTW everyone be sure to hire lots of Calvin College grads, they know some good secrets.

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