While I'm usually cutting on Lady Gaga and her videos for being derivative, I must admit that her latest video for single "Yoü & I" is possibly her best yet, unnecessary umlaut aside. Watch her kiss herself, get married, turn into a mermaid, and cavort in a barn!

The video is perfect for the country-inflected song, which is not my favorite, but at least it offers an obvious but arresting idea for a video. Here's Gaga wandering around Nebraska in all her finest looking for her lost love. There's something about seeing her as a couture robot from several different futures against the austere background of a cornfield that gets the imagination working. We also get a stripped down Gaga playing the piano and making out with what appears to be herself dressed as a man. There are juxtapositions against juxtapositions here, but they all seem to be working in harmony.

But the best segments are her being tortured/created/repaired/fucked by a shirtless mad scientist in a barn somewhere. It's all so wrong that it whips back around to being right again. And if we ever have to go to Nebraska, there better be a man who looks just like that around to prod us when we get there.