Last month we brought you the story of Ohio State Sen. Kris Jordan (R), who was involved in a bit of a contretemps with his wife. Although she wound up not pressing any charges, the wife's 911 call during the incident included the worrying line, "He's mad; he's got the gun."

The Columbus Dispatch got hold of the police recording from when they arrived at the house. The audio contains a great little explanation from State Sen. Jordan about what happened:

"She got a little upset. Girls do that."

Ultimately, no charges were pressed. Jordan's wife, Melissa, told the Columbus Dispatch, "We had a disagreement. We have talked through it and we're both committed to each other and we're working on strengthening our relationship even more."

Ohio Lawmaker on Wife's 911 Call: 'She Got Upset. Girls Do That' Republished with permission from Authored by Thomas Lane. Photo via Facebook. TPM provides breaking news, investigative reporting and smart analysis of politics.