Maybe it's because parents aren't getting married these days due to the decay of the moral fiber of our nation and with it any chance we had for keeping ourselves on the side of righteousness and god's glory, but man: parents these days sure are dumb. About everything, sure, but specifically about their stupid kids' stupid schools:

Nearly eight in 10 Americans - 79% - give an "A or B" grade to the school their oldest child attends, according to findings released today by Phi Delta Kappa (PDK) International, an educators association. That's up from 68% in 2001, and the highest percentage of favorable ratings since PDK began asking the question in 1985...

But since 2001, Americans have soured on schools in general: When 1,002 adults were asked June 4-13 to give a letter grade to "public schools in the nation as a whole," only 17% gave them an A or B, down from 23% in 2001, and 27% in 1985.

So while more parents than ever think their kid's school is great, more parents than ever also think that schools in America in a whole are terrible. We'd try to explain the erroneous logic here, but it would only fly over the head of America's flagrantly unmarried parents, what with their piss-poor math skills.

With parents this dumb, no wonder kids these days are so dumb.

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