Here's a thing that the genius multibillion-dollar marketing industry did, probably at a cost of millions upon millions of dollars: instead of saying "incontinence," now we say "light bladder leakage," because that term is "less stigmatizing." See how much better it sounds? "Light bladder leakage." It's not all medical-y. It's just very plain and upfront to let people know, yes, urine is leaking from my bladder, lightly, and hey, I'm still human.

And speaking of urine leaking from your bladder, ladies, how about those new Poise™ Hourglass bladder protection products from the Kimberly-Clark Corporation, eh? Can you say "sexy is back, urine or not?" I certainly can. Andrew Adam Newman reports:

"It's brilliant in the sense that when women are leaking urine from their bladders they can feel very uncomfortable, very unclean, and they certainly don't feel sexy," Ms. Muller [head of the "National Association for Continence"] said. "What Kimberly-Clark is trying to achieve here is that you can still feel feminine, you can still feel like a woman and every bit as pretty."

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you are not pretty just because urine is leaking from your bladder (lightly). You know who would probably tell you that? A man. You don't need him, ladies. Real men love you for who you are: a beautiful person covered in urine, whose feminine curves resemble a Poise™ brand bladder protection pad.