DOs and DON'Ts for when you get a DUI:

  • DO call a sober driver to pick you up from the police station.
  • DON'T have the sober driver drop you off at your car. You're drunk, remember?
  • DON'T put your 4-year-old daughter in a car and drive her somewhere. You're drunk, remember?

Police say Ann Marie Abdullin of Salisbury, Maryland violated both DON'Ts this morning, when she was arrested for two DUI's at 1:30AM and 4:30AM. (Did she drink more in the interim? Or was she just that wasted?) The second time, her four-year-old daughter was in the vehicle.

After her first DUI, Adbullin's sober driver allegedly dropped her off at her car. After the second DUI, she was charged with driving while impaired, driving under the influence, operating a motor vehicle within 12 hours of being arrested for DUI, negligent driving, and "other minor traffic charges." She spent the rest of the morning in jail. [DelmarvaNow,]