Hey there—are you too snarky for your shirt? Well then, it's time to take your little turn on the catwalk! We're live-blogging tonight's episode of Project Runway in the comments, and you're invited. Come strut your stuff!

Here's how the stuff-strutting works: Just turn on your TV, and then post observations and remarks about the show (which starts at 9 EDT on Lifetime) in the comments section below this post. The rest of us will be doing the same. To get an idea of how it works, check out this selection of a few of my favorite comments from our last live blog. And here are a few other notable things about our last get-together:

  • We all hated the new opening sequence, with its chummy mugging by smug judges. (Try saying that five times fast.) Bring back cocky designers making bad puns!
  • We got sick of hearing Bryce obsess about grain problems of Fallene's fabric. If only someone would sew up his mouth "on grain!"
  • Commenter MeaniePants noticed that Anya looks like Bow Wow Wow singer Annabella Lwin, of "I Want Candy" fame. So our new nickname for Anya is "Bow Wow Wow."
  • When Fallene got the boot, Fry_Bread_Power remarked: "It's sad to see Ron Weasley go." And as it turned out, her hair wasn't the only thing that evoked the Harry Potter movies: Given her total lack of self-confidence, I half expected her to bang her head on the floor and shout "Bad Dobby! Bad Dobby!" every time Bryce or one of the judges criticized her.

Oh, and we also held a contest to see who could most accurately guess how often the phrase "wee-wee pads" was uttered on the August 4 episode. So congratulations to borucaintexas and arguablythemostfamous, who both correctly answered 19! That number turned out to be lower than many of us guessed-although it's not a piddling amount, by any means.

Speaking of which, I piddled around yesterday watching several Lifetime-supplied video clips of the upcoming episode. So here are a few notable things we can expect to see tonight:

  • The challenge will be to design an outfit for judge Nina Garcia-i.e., the "Don't Bore Nina While You're Dressing Nina" challenge.
  • Garcia will brief the designers by saying: "I do not like voluminous clothes. I do not like lots of pleats. I do not like loud patterns or colors." Later, when one designer shows her a sketch of a dress with cowl, she will say: "I hate cowls." Apparently, designing for Nina is just one long process of elimination.
  • The judging panel will include Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief (and Tilda Swinton doppelganger) Joanna Coles, along with the alliteratively titled "actress and arts advocate" Kerry Washington.
  • At one point, Anya will say, "This challenge is a challenge for me." I wonder if, during her Miss Universe days, she ever said, "This pageant is a pageant for me?"

OK gang, it's nearly time for this commenting cyber-catwalk show to get started. Is everyone ready? Got your drink filled, and your TV turned on? Are the seams between your couch cushions "on grain"? All right then, let's do this thing!