Just in time for sexting's auspicious debut in the dictionary, comes a perfectly salacious item that will give your mother a reason to look it up: Police have busted a "teen sexting ring" (ed. note: LOL), implicating two dozen horny, Vermont high schoolers in an elaborate round of Dick Pic, Dick Pic, Goose.

And how does a "sexting ring" work? Perhaps you're already in one and don't even realize it!

Detective Cpl. Paul Locke says girls took photos of themselves and sent them to the boys, who forwarded them to the email account. He says 17 girls aged 14 to 17 were in the photos, many of which qualify as child porn.

[F]ive boys admitted viewing 30 to 40 images and three videos, many of which were sent by cellphone... [T]wo of the five boys used school-issued computers to access and distribute them.

The students "will not face charges" but are being required to attend "sessions with a community board." Thank God.

In other news, teenagers are fucking their brains out all over the place. [lex18.com, photo via Shutterstock]